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February 1, 2009 at 4:18 pm 1 comment

By Patrick McCabe

Spring semester is just about to begin here at Elon, a semester focused on who I am as a journalist and learning how to compile all of my work in one place and make it available for your viewing pleasure. This site will allow you to review my work as a journalist, including written works, photos and videos. 

Patrick McCabe, journalism student.

Patrick McCabe, journalism student.

I started my journey in the field of communications as a Broadcast and New Media major. I focused my freshman and sophomore year on broadcast and just this year decided to add a journalism major to my degree.  

I am still learning how to be a good journalist and this is my first official course in this major but I am very excited to dive right in. I think that this course will really help me develop my own journalistic style and allow me to discover if journalism is truly something I would like to continue to pursue.  

As a student pursuing a career in communications I have attempted to familiarize myself with all different areas of communication. The various courses I have taken at Elon have taught me a lot about radio, television, the Internet, magazine and newspaper. All of these forms of communications are things we use today but are things that have gone through a lot of changes and continue to change as technology continues to develop.

The future of journalism is something everyone should be focused on, especially students studying in this field. Through my courses I have learned a lot about how journalism no longer focuses solely on newspaper or magazine. Journalism has begun to develop online mediums and major newspapers often include sound clips and video on their websites.

Emily Nussbaum’s article “The New Journalism: Goosing the Gray Lady,” looks at something The New York Times developed for the inauguration and how it was received by the public. The Times created a way for the American people to post their emotions about President Obama’s inauguration anonymously on the Times website. This was a creative and interactive way for readers to express their emotions and it was a way for the New York Times to gain a lot of attention.

This once dominate newspaper has recently seen a heavy decline but through creative efforts like “Word Train” they may have a chance surviving and regaining their popularity and power. With our societies reliance on television and the Internet some believe that newspaper is no longer a useful resource. In order for newspaper to outshine other forms of media it will take a lot of creative development. New ideas like the “Word Train” are exactly what will help newspaper regain it’s once dominate power.  

While the future of journalism is unclear  we can be certain that in order for journalism to survive it will have to conform to societies technological dependency. Through creative efforts to create  online content that is new and different, journalism should be able to thrive. These creative efforts will help make journalism’s uncertain future a little more clear and guide the field of  journalism to success.

While the uncertain future of journalism may make some students fearful, it actual excites me. A uncertain feature gives me the opportunity to create my own path in the journalism field. I am excited to have the opportunity to learn from journalism’s past and to be a part of journalism’s future. A career in this field is definitely one that will force me to accept change but will also allow me to create change and be a part of an amazing field.

And so it begins! The beginning to my journalism career starts now and I can’t wait to see what it holds for me.


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  • 1. Janna  |  February 8, 2009 at 6:12 pm

    I like the site template design. It is clean and readable. Your photo is really good – you’re looking smart and high-energy and quite professional. You placed the photo in a good location, up by the headline. Your headline is not SEO, search-engine-optimized. It’s a nothing headline, an audience has no idea about the content of the storytelling or the point you want to make and no search engine would ever send anyone to this page to see it. In the actual reporting assignments, you’ll want to be extremely specific about including search-term details in your headline writing. You have a good reference to the Nussbaum article. I would suggest that in future you make more of the words a part of the hyperlink. You can highlight the entire title of the article, for instance. That will make the hyperlink easier for your audience to find and click on. Keep concentrating on including more specific details of interest in your writing. I look forward to seeing your work, both the writing and the photos and video aspects.


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