Alex Kreitman welcomes new generation of journalism

February 10, 2009 at 4:41 am 1 comment

The Burlington Times-News looks to a new generation of reporting in the multimedia world of journalism. 

By Patrick McCabe

ELON, N.C. – Burlington (N.C.) Times-News online editor Alex Kreitman visited Elon University today to discuss the future of journalism. Kreitman, graduated from Elon with a degree in journalism in 2006. Students in reporting courses had the unique opportunity to meet with Kreitman and hear his views on the changing field of journalism.

The field of journalism is currently going through a lot of changes. Photo and video content has become a big part of reporting and reporting students at Elon are required to carry pocket sized video cameras with them whenever they are reporting on an event.

“Journalism is a changed industry,” Kreitman said. “What it comes down to is being able to deliver readers with multiple forms of media.”

Years ago the best reporters were the best writers but while journalism becomes a more technologically advanced field reporters must be able to do more then write.

As a member of Freedom Communications, the Times-News was one of the first Freedom publications to really use video and photo content on their website. As a leader in the multimedia field, Freedom looked to the Times-News to help other publications develop online video and photo content.

Online, readers have the ability to view images and videos, comment on stories and take part in various contests held by the paper and advertisers. These various forms of media have helped newspaper develop new content for a new generation of readers.

Newspaper has often been called a dying media but with these new forms of content sharing newspaper may have the ability to adapt and regain the power it once had as a major news source.


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A journalists beginning C-SPAN Bus stops at Elon University to talk about technologies role in journalism

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  • 1. Janna  |  February 11, 2009 at 1:05 am

    Hey Patrick, it’s nice to see that you got your content posted and the video clip up on your site. Next time you’ll have to see if you can stake out a better angle for your video – not so distant from the speaker. You should look at classmates’ work to see how a better-developed version of this would look. You can learn a lot from them by seeing the amount of specific details they used, the fact that they used direct quotes – very important to news reporting. You should be either recording and writing from the audio or taking notes in a notebook in order to get specific storytelling direct quotations that add authority and the human touch to your writing. A quick way to see examples of that journalistic format is to simply study how direct quotes and the attribution of the quotes are used in USA Today or Newsweek, etc. Grab a copy of USA Today in the front lobby of McEwen and take a yellow highlighter and highlight every direct quote on a page or two or three and study how the reporters did that. You need to go back through the stories you have written and apply that style. You will get the feel for it after you study it and practice it for a while, and then it will become a part of your natural media-writing rhythm. Be sure to fix that aspect of all of the stories in your portfolio; it is a vital part of your grade. Let me know if you have questions.

    You should make your top headline more specific to make it SEO. Note that your classmates used the words Kreitman, Elon, Times-News, Online Journalism, Future and other keywords in their headlines to make them more likely to be found by search engines.

    All students in the course came in from different starting points, so I don’t expect you to be perfect right from the start. If you look at the work of others like Angie, Lindsay, Sarah, etc. you can get an idea of the depth of reporting, etc. we’re looking for. I also sent you an excellent example to follow in an e-mail I sent out over the weekend. I know you can find lots of ways to improve this story so it will be really sharp for your final work portfolio!


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