‘Fun Fund’ provides funding for new and exciting events on Elon’s campus.

February 14, 2009 at 8:42 pm 1 comment

“Fun Fund” allows any Elon University student the opportunity to fund new, creative events open to all students on campus.

By Patrick McCabe

February 14, 2009

Have you ever wanted to host a cookout for all Elon students but didn’t have the funding or host your favorite band at Lighthouse Tavern but couldn’t afford a hotel for the band? Well now you can and the SGA will help you cover the costs.

The Student Government Association has approved the new “Fun Fund,” a yearly fund of $7,500 that will be split up in to ten grants. These grants are available to any student organization or student that would like to host a new and exciting event at Elon. Events can range from anything to a school wide capture the flag tournament to hosting a new band at Lighthouse. The fund was established to allow students the chance to host new and exciting campus wide events.

See SGA Executive Treasurer Jeff Casullo talk about the “Fun Fund:”

SGA Executive Treasurer, Jeff Casullo.

All events paid for by the fund must be approved by the university, open to all students, be held on campus and should be a new, fun event that Elon does not already support.

The SGA learned about programs like the “Fun Fund” at their annual SoCon conference, where all student governments in the SoCon meet to share ideas about The “Fun Fund” is based on a program from Wofford University but has been adjusted to fit Elon’s needs.

SGA Executive Treasurer Jeff Casullo and members of the SGA finance committee created the fund to encourage students to come up with new events on campus.

“There’s a lot of programming on campus but there isn’t a lot of different programming,” said committee member John Lynn. “We wanted to encourage students to come up with original ideas and new events, we also wanted student who were not part of large organizations to be active on campus and have the ability to host events.”

The fund was endowed from preexisting money in the SGA budget.

“We had money that accumulated over time that we weren’t using and we felt that rather then using it all this year why not come up with a program that gives back for years to come,” said Casullo.

On December 31, 2008 the SGA endowed $150,000 back to the University in a trust that will accumulate interest over time. The interest accumulated will provide funding of approximately $7,500 available to students each year.

Like all Elon investments, Gerald Whittington, Elon’s vice president for finance, will manage the fund. He will oversee the trust will the executive treasurer will oversee the approval committee. The approval committee is made up of a representative from the Multicultural Center, two SGA members, a representative from the Student Union Board, a representative from Resident Student Association, two faculty and is overseen by the SGA executive treasurer.

There are currently no limits on what organizations can apply for the fund or how many times they can apply each year. All limits will be made by the committee as the receive applications.

The first meeting will take place in the first week of March and the committee will continually meet on a monthly basis. 

“I would encourage groups who are thinking of having events after the first week in March to start applying for the fund,” Casullo said. “Applications will take about one month to review so the sooner an application is received the better the chances are of approval.”



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  • 1. Janna  |  February 16, 2009 at 12:43 am

    This is a great story. Does the Pendulum have it? If not, you should send it to them for sure. Send it to adiemer@elon.edu.

    In the reference to Whittington, you need to include his first name, Gerald. You should rewrite that sentence to get the subject and verb up at the start: Gerald Whittington, Elon’s vice president for finance, will manage the fund.

    The sentence after that one is kind of screwy – you need to make it more clear. At Elon, the Multicultural Center is spelled without a hyphen in multicultural.


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