Elon student Chris Champney takes the ring in Mebane, N.C., in ‘The Brawl’

February 28, 2009 at 10:39 pm 1 comment

Boxing competition in Mebane, N.C., draws a huge crowd as one Elon student takes to the ring.

By Patrick McCabe

February 28, 2009


Chris Champney prepares for the fight.

The lights shook and the crowd went wild as Elon senior Chris Champney entered the ring on Friday night. Opponent Anthony Crabtree took the first swing but Champney dodged and secured the first hit. Crabtree bounced back and started swinging, Champney had him against the rope but Crabtree pulled free.

Round two: The second round begins and Crabtree is ready for the fight while Champney is a little shaken. Crabtree strikes and Champney is unable to hold him off. Champney falls and is down for the count. Total knockout. Crabtree is crowned champ.

The crowd went wild as Champney hit the floor and was helped out of the ring. While he put on a good fight, Champney was the first knockout of the night, which is something many crowd members were anxiously awaiting.

Champney was a part of “The Brawl” that took place in Mebane N.C. this past weekend. “The Brawl” was a boxing match for any guy that thought they were tough enough to stand up to the challenge. The only catch was that participants could have no boxing experience of any kind.

Sponsored by the Mebane Sports Center and Gold’s Gym the competition had a $35 entrance fee with a first prize of $1,800. The event drew about 400 adults, children and teens.


Crabtree and Champney battle it out.

The participants were divided into three weight classes, light, medium and heavy weight. The opponents were then paired based on their weight with in the class. Champney weighing 205 pounds and Crabtree weighing approximately 215 pounds, the two competitors were in the heavy weight group.

After the match Champney meet up with some friends who had come to see him take the ring. “Did I get knocked out?” Champney asked spectators as he struggled to remember the last few seconds of the match.

“I feel fine,” he told them. “I thought it’d be fun, and it was.” Champney was the only Elon student to compete in “The Brawl” and drew in a crowd of at lease 15 Elon students, all friends of Champney.

“I needed this,” Champney said. “It was a wake up call, this isn’t Elon. It’s the real world and I was not ready yet.”

“The Brawl” continued on Saturday but Champney opted out of the second night.

“It was cool to see him up there,” said senior Tim Johnson. “He put up a good fight but [Crabtree] had the upper hand. I hope in the future more Elon students will participate in local events like this.”

While Champney may not have left Mebane the victor, he certainly left with the respect of his fellow students.

“I never would have had the guts to get in the ring,” said junior Scott Hendrix. “I was proud of him regardless of how the match ended.”


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  • 1. Janna  |  March 2, 2009 at 1:36 am

    Photos? I just have to see a picture of this – a still photo if there’s no video.

    I suggest changing the headline from:
    Elon student Chris Champney takes the ring in Mebane N.C. on Friday

    to this:
    Elon student Chris Champney takes to the ring in Mebane N.C. in ‘The Brawl’

    Did Crabtree win? I want to know. How do we know that in a crowd of 400 there were 15 Elon students? That sounds like sketchy reporting – who would know for sure who of the 400 was an Elon student and who wasn’t?

    I like the story. Go through it and make “senior” lowercase unless it is the start of a sentence or something. It isn’t the kind of title you capitalize… senior Tim Johnson.


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