My future in journalism, revisited.

May 17, 2009 at 4:01 pm Leave a comment

By Patrick McCabe

Written May 17, 2009

The future of journalism is unknown. Living in a digital world we have no idea what lies ahead for the field of journalism. We once lived in a time where everyone relied on the printed word for news and information but now we rely on the Internet and sites like Twitter to get our information.

Patrick McCabe, journalism student of the future

Patrick McCabe, journalism student of the future

I began my career as a journalist this year. Within my reporting class I have learned so much about how to be a journalist and especially how to be a journalist in this digital age. I have reported on all sorts of different topics and used different forms of media to do this reporting. The written word is no longer enough; we now use images, graphics and video to tell a story. In addition to that we write a lead of less then 140 words on Twitter to pull in readers. Journalism has changed from the printed press to the online press.

Many major news sources have written about the future of journalism. Emily Nussbaum wrote an article in the New York Times about the future of journalism and Sally Duros constantly twits about journalism’s future.

The Times created a way for the American people to post their emotions about President Obama’s inauguration anonymously on the Times website. This was a creative and interactive way for readers to express their emotions and it was a way for the New York Times to gain a lot of attention.

This once dominate newspaper has recently seen a heavy decline but through creative efforts like “Word Train” they may have a chance surviving and regaining their popularity and power. With our societies reliance on television and the Internet some believe that newspaper is no longer a useful resource. In order for newspaper to outshine other forms of media it will take a lot of creative development. New ideas like the “Word Train” is exactly what will help newspaper regain its once dominate power.  

As a student pursuing a career in communications I have attempted to familiarize myself with all different areas of communication. The various courses I have taken at Elon have taught me a lot about radio, television, the Internet, magazine and newspaper. All of these forms of communications are things we use today but are things that have gone through a lot of changes and continue to change as technology continues to develop.

The future of journalism is something that every journalist should be focused on. While it is unclear we can be certain that in order for journalism to survive it will have to conform to societies technological dependency.

An uncertain future gives me hope that I will be able to chart my own path in the field of journalism. I am excited for the new age of journalism and what lies ahead of me.


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