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Five abandoned puppies find new homes with Elon University students

Abandoned puppies warm the hearts of Elon students on a cold, rainy Friday night.

Written by Patrick McCabe

March 15, 2009

A soft whimper was heard Friday night near the dumpster in the Old Trollinger apartment complex. When students looked for the source of the whimper, they found five black and white puppies in a box just outside the dumpster. 

One student claimed to have seen a white van drive through the parking lot but no one was certain as to who abandon the five puppies.

Lily, one of the five abandoned puppies, gets her first bath.

Lily, one of the five abandoned puppies, gets her first bath.

“I just don’t understand how someone could leave them out here without finding them a good home,” Katherine Black said. “These little guys were freezing out here and who knows what would have happened if we hadn’t found them.”

Black was one of three students who found the puppies and helped to find all five a good home.

“It was difficult, everyone loves puppies and would want one but many students leases do not allow them to have pets,” Black said. “We had to find them good homes, with responsible students or families.”

The puppies were all split up and have found new homes. Some living in off-campus apartments, illegally, while others were adopted by students living in off-campus houses.

The runt of the litter stole the hearts of three boys and she was quickly adopted to become a part of their home.

“We have the space and we have talked about getting a dog for a few months,” said Hunter Gros. “We are excited that she is now a part of our lives.”

“We really planned out how we would care for her and where she would go on breaks before we decided to keep her,” said fellow roommate Graham McGoogan.”A lot of college students get pets before thinking about what a big responsibility it will be and we did not want to make that mistake.”

As spring begins at Elon University, more and more students have been seen with new pets.

“It just seems like more and more students are adopting pets this spring,” said Elon junior Maria Wyka. “I don’t know if it is because of the nice weather or what but more and more of my friends have pets.”

No matter the reason, more and more students have adopted new pets. While this is good news for the animals, it puts the issue of whether college students have the time or funds to properly care for a pet. 

It appears that the students that recovered the five abandoned puppies this weekend will work hard to maintain a comfortable life for their new pet. 

“We didn’t just get this dog on a whim,” McGoogan said. “We rescued her and will do our best to take care of her, no matter the cost.”

See owner Max Harnett play with his new puppy:


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