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Facebook reaches the 200 million mark and celebrates by giving back

Online social network confirms that it has reached 200 million users and has found a unique way to celebrate.

By Patrick McCabe

Written April 8, 2009

Online social network, Facebook, proved it’s worth by reaching 200 million users this morning. The site has been calculating users and after a few weeks has confirmed that it has reached 200 million users.Facebook

While there is much debate about the usefulness of online social networks, reaching 200 million users is a milestone for Facebook and shows how popular and useful social networks have become.

“Facebook is no longer just a way for people to connect with one another,” said Elon University junior Kristen Clements. “It used to just be a social site for college aged students but now it is used as a way to advertise and get information out to any individual online.”

According to comScore figures Facebook has been growing at an average of 500,000 members a day. These members include private individuals as well as major companies, bands and other users looking to advertise a message to users.

facebookFacebook has created a new site called Facebook for Good as a way of celebrating the 200 million user mark. The site has partnered with 16 charity/advocacy groups who are making the world a better place. When a user purchases a Facebook gift, 90-95% of the cost will go to that organization to support its efforts. 

Facebook for Good also is devoted to sharing stories on how Facebook has helped users and to fight the negative mainstream privacy concerns that surround online social networks. Stories include the role Facebook plays in match making, the Facebook Support Network and stories of how Facebook friendships have saved troubled teens.


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Blogging site “F*** My Life” runs wild among students at Elon University

By Patrick McCabe

Written February 23, 2009

“Today, I told my mom I want to try out for American Idol. She responded with, “You don’t take disappointment well.” FML”FML

“Today, I told my boyfriend that I was afraid our future children would be fat and ugly. He reassured me, saying that he was sure our spawn would take on after him. FML”

These excerpts are from the new blogging site entitled “F*** My Life.” The site contains short day-today anecdotes that must begin with “Today” and end with “FML.” The websites recipe is simple: in one sentence share a story about something that has ruined your day.

The site allows users to let out their daily frustrations while realizing they are not the only people in the world that are having a bad day.

Students at Elon University are flocking to the site multiple times a day to get their daily does of “fml.” “The site is a hilarious and can be a great pick me up when you’re stressed,” junior Graham McGoogan said. “Anytime I think I’m having a bad day I jump on and realize my life isn’t too bad.”

While many believe the stories to be true some question the validity. “I think that people just get bored and make stuff up” senior Libby Long said. “I mean it’s funny but some of it is just too outlandish to be real.”

Due to the sites growing popularity the phrase “fml” has become a popular way for students to describe bad experiences. “I hear students talking about how much work they have or something stupid they did and it is usually followed by ‘fml,’” McGoogan said. “It is pretty funny how our campus can get so caught up in this type of website.”

It appears that “F*** My Life” has taken over where blogging site Juicy Campus left off but this time people are talking about themselves instead of their peers. 

Check out the website and see how your life compares to those that have been f***ed.



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