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High winds postpone Earth Day awareness project at Elon University

By Patrick McCabe

Written April 22, 2009

At 11 a.m. today members of the Elon University Sierra Club and other organizations planned on spreading trash, collected from the University, in front of the student center. The members of the club planned to dress in hazmat suits and sort out things that could have been recycled.

The landfill on the lawn, outside of the Moseley student center.

The landfill on the lawn, outside of the Moseley student center.

The high winds that swept campus today postpone the “landfill on the lawn.”

“We’re hoping the wind will die down and we will be able to sort through the trash later today,” sophomore Griffin Sager-Gellerman said. “We want to make students aware of how much they should be recycling.”

The “landfill on the lawn” was a part of Elon’s Earth Week. Earth Day events include “Moving Towards Carbon Free Living: Practical Steps to Reduce Carbon Emissions and Increase Energy Dependence” where authors of The Carbon Free Home, Stephen and Rebekah Hren will speak on “carbon free living.” The final event of the day will be cooking smores using alternative resources, reducing our carbon footprint.

Events for Earth Week will continue tomorrow and Friday, anyone interested in learning more about Earth Week should click here or stop by the Sierra Club’s table in the Moseley Center.  

Watch sophomore Griffin Sager-Gellerman talk about the “Landfill on the Lawn:”


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Elon students celebrate Earth Day in a week long event called ‘Earth Week’

By Patrick McCabe

Written April 17, 2009

Earth Day is celebrated annually on April 22 as a day to inspire awareness and appreciation for Earth’s day Elon students are doing their part to help conserve the Earth.

Earth Day was founded by Senator Gaylord Nelson in 1970, Earth Day is celebrated annually in the United States and many other countries every year.

At Elon students celebrate Earth Day by hosting “Earth Week,” a week of events to celebrate the environment and raise awareness on environmental sustainability.

Environmental conservation has become a big issue at Elon and many students and faculty are taking the initiative to raise awareness through educational efforts.

Over one hundred Elon students were polled on how environmentally aware they were and what steps they are taking to conserve the environment.

90 percent of students polled claim that they are environmentally aware in one aspect or another. 

 64 percent of students polled believe that Elon’s educational efforts have made a considerable difference in their environmental awareness.

“El0n does a lot to educate students,” junior Maria Wyka said. “I was actually able to take part in the sustainability board and I have noticed a lot of changes on campus.”

What Students Are DoingStudents are taking various steps to reduce their carbon footprint through water conservation, recycling, reducing their carbon footprint and walking or using less gasoline. 

“I try to do the little things like turning off the lights when I leave the room or simply using less water,” junior James Wesley Lynch said. “We only have one planet and we have to preserve it for future generations.”

See James Wesely Lynch talk about why he thinks conserving the planet is important:

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