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As Swine Flu outbreak intensifies Elon University plans what to do if an outbreak occurred on campus

By Patrick McCabe

Written April 27, 2009

A new strand of Swine Flu has broken out across the world reaching the United States, Mexico, New Zealand, Europe, Canada and parts of Asia. The Swine Flu is a respiratory disease of pigs caused by type A influenza virus that regularly causes outbreaks of influenza in pigs. The virus

pigcauses high levels of illness and low death rates traditionally only found in pigs.

Many college campuses across the nation have implemented plans on how to deal with a health outbreak, like Swine Flu. At Elon University Jana Lynn Patterson, Assistant Vice President of Student Life, keeps students and faculty aware of health updates.

jpatterson“The University also has a thorough flu pandemic preparedness and response plan that has been developed in accordance with state and national guidelines,” Patterson told students in an email. “While we do not anticipate having to initiate the plan, we do want [students] to know that we are prepared for escalated risks of exposure to the campus community and will respond if conditions warrant.” 

While there is no immediate threat to the Elon community the University is prepared to tackle any health threats that may occur.

A case of the virus was discovered on the coast of North Carolina and students have begun to worry.

“I don’t have the best immune system,” freshman Rachel Long said. “If the virus comes to Elon I am pretty sure I will get it.”

Other students are worried that the school may have to close early if an outbreak occurs.

“I don’t know what I would do if that happened.” junior Noelle Clemente said. “I still have a lot of assignments for my classes and don’t know how my grades would turn out.”

As of now the university has not detected an outbreak on campus or in the surrounding areas but university officials assure students and faculty that all protective measures are being taken.

St. Francis Preparatory High School in Queens, N.Y. see the largest outbreak in the United States

St. Francis Preparatory High School in Queens, N.Y. see the largest outbreak in the United States

There have been 20 cases of the virus confirmed in the United States and St. Francis Preparatory school in Queens, New York seems to have seen the largest outbreak with eight confirmed cases. The school has been shut down temporarily and New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg has asked anyone showing symptoms of the virus to stay home and call their physician. 

The biggest outbreak of the disease has been seen in Mexico City where the death toll has exceeded 100 individuals. Many cases in New Mexico did not seek medical attention soon enough and those that are now seeking medical treatment have been quarantined. In Mexico City they have closed down the majority of restaurants, bars, shopping centers and other public facilities.

“Given the reports out of mexico I foresee more outbreaks here in America,” Richard Besser, Director of the Centers for Disease Control told the press.


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