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A behind the scenes look at Elon’s presidential office with Lisa Keegan

By Patrick McCabe

Written May 2, 2009

Have you ever wondered who oversees all of Dr. Lambert’s appointments? Or who ensures that he is prepared for the daily grind of being a college president?

Lisa Keegan working in the president's office

Lisa Keegan working in the president's office

Meet Lisa Keegan, the senior assistant to the president and secretary to the board of trustees. Keegan received her bachelor of science in business administration with a concentration in finance from Elon and than attended law school at Stetson University.

“I went to law school thinking that I wanted to do work for child advocacy in the legal field,” said Keegan. “But in my second year of law school I took a course called law and higher education policy and for me it was that moment where light

bulbs were going off where I thought this is what I want to do. I want to get back into higher education.”

Keegan returned to Elon with her soon to be husband John and fell into her current position.

 “For me to find a position where I could follow the career path I wanted and be at the school that I love, it was just a perfect match,” said Keegan.

Keegan’s duties as senior assistant to the president and secretary to the board of trustees include overseeing Dr. Lambert’s calendar, serving as the liaison between the president and the board of trustees, is responsible for setting and organizing the platform party for all major speakers that come to campus and other duties that vary on a daily basis.

“My job varies everyday and that is one thing I love about my job,” said Keegan. “We always have very nice to do list but we never get to it all day because new things come up everyday.”

Keegan’s job is constantly changing and she never knows what will await her when she arrives in the morning or returns from lunch.Lisa Keegan

“One thing that I do love about it is that it changes on a daily basis. There is something new everyday,” said Keegan. “I knew that this job was going to be something different within the first month when I returned from lunch and asked my colleague if anything happened while I was gone? She responded with ‘yes well we got a call from Hillary Clinton’s Campaign and Bill Clinton is going to be on campus next week’ and I thought okay well this is going to be a very different position.”

Keegan has limited direct interaction with students but that is something she wants to change.  In addition to the Elon 101 course she will be teaching next year she will be working very closely with junior Noelle Clemente. Noelle serves as the current office assistant for graduate admissions and will serve as the office assistant to the president’s office next fall. The two have already begun preparing for the busy fall that awaits Dr. Lambert.

“I’ve been helping her run errands and tried to assist her with any early preparation that I can,” said Clemente.

While she has only known her for a limited time Noelle has had many interactions with Keegan through her work in graduate admissions.

“Lisa’s presence provides that Elon spirit of a friendly, caring genuine person,” said Clemente. “Everything she does she does with the students interests in mind.”

Like students Keegan has also taken the opportunity to learn while here at Elon. Her position and the people around her have taught her a lot.

“Sometimes I feel guilty,” said Keegan. “I feel like I am getting more than I am giving to the position because I have been learning so much just through observation.”

While Keegan loves her current position she hopes that one day she will be working in a higher position within an upper education administration.

 “I see myself in a University setting and I truly hope it is still at Elon,” said Keegan. This place is ever changing and ever transforming and it is something that is amazing to be a part of. I hope I am in an administrative position but I can’t say where.”

Keegan continues to serve the president, the board of trustees and the students and offers them this piece of advice.

 “The best life advice I ever received is from my grandfather, I would always share with him everything I was involved in and everything I was doing and he would always say ‘none of it matters unless you’re having fun.’ I try to remember that on my most stressful days.”

See Lisa Keegan share the best piece of advice she has ever received: 


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