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American’s second guess President Obama’s peace initiative for the Middle East

President Barack Obama shares his peace initiative for the Middle East and is met with skepticism by the American people.

By Patrick McCabe

Written May 18, 2009

U.S. President Barack Obama urges leaders in Palestine, Israel and Egypt to take the necessary steps to achieve peace in the Middle East.

U.S. President Barack Obama meets with Palestinian National Authority President Mahmoud Abbas

U.S. President Barack Obama meets with Palestinian National Authority President Mahmoud Abbas

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak and Palestinian National Authority President Mahmoud Abbas all visit Washington this month. The President will urge these nations to look for ways to strengthen their relationship with the United States and take the proper steps to achieve peace between Israelis and Palestinians and between Israel and Arab states.

Maryland schoolteacher Kim Chance is skeptical on how effective these meetings will be.

“I think he has good intentions but I think it is naïve to think that any resolution will last,” said Chance. “This is a war over the Holy Land, a religious war and as long as you have differing religions there will always be conflict.”

Elon University freshman Rachel Long also has an issue with Obama’s efforts.

“His efforts are good in theory but I feel like time could be spent better else where,” said Long. “Similar negotiations were attempted during the Clinton administration and while they seemed to go well at the time nothing came out of them. I think President Obama should be focusing on things that have potential to actually have a larger impact in the end.”

The Gaza Strip, central location of the Middle East conflict

The Gaza Strip, central location of the Middle East conflict

Obama and Clinton are not the only presidents to attempt to create peace in the Middle East. In July of 2007 President George Bush attempted to host a peace conference and gain economic support for Abbas and his government. Unfortunately Bush was unsuccessful and his efforts were seen as a way to make up for the damage the U.S. had done in Iraq by showing progress in solving the Israeli-Palestine conflict.

While Obama has turned his focus to peace efforts in the Middle East many Americans believe he should be focusing on the issues that plague the U.S..

“First and foremost Obama need to focus on the U.S. and our issues, said Elon junior Josh Tate. “How can he expect to help the Middle East when our own country is in shambles?”

Washington DC native Amy Farrar shares similar sentiments.

“Obama must take the necessary steps to salvage our economy before he focuses on international issues,” said Farrar. “We are the brink of a second depression and the economy should be America’s number one concern.”

President Obama inherited a terrible mess: a $1.3 trillion deficit, two wars, rising unemployment and unprecedented crises in our banking system. The Obama Administration has worked to address the immediate problems of rising unemployment, falling home prices and limping credit markets, while taking a longer view in laying a strong foundation for future economic growth that benefits all Americans.

Even though President Obama has attempted to address the economic issues and spent his first one hundred days in office focused solely on the economy little progress has been made. Some Americans believe international issues could be the solution to our economic crises.

“While domestic issues are important most of our problems seem to have sprung up because of international issues,” said Elon sophomore Erika Pescatore. “We need to start looking at the major issues that got us in this economic situation to get us back on our feet.”

Elon University employee Mallory Anderson thinks that both domestic and foreign issues are important.

“I don’t think you can ignore one issue,” said Anderson. “I think you need to pay attention to both issues. He can’t ignore international policies, he must find a way to work on both domestic and foreign affairs.”

While both domestic and foreign issues plague the U.S., President Obama will spend this month focusing on the Middle East. He kicks off these meetings today with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and will continue to meet with Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak and Palestinian National Authority President Abbas later in May.

See Rachel Long discuss Obama’s peace initiative:

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