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Elon University Students face virus while cruising the Caribbean

A stomach virus rapidly spread through a spring break cruise effecting three Elon students.

By Patrick McCabe

Written March 30, 2009

While students thought they were headed for a week of sun and fun, cruising the Caribbean Sea they quickly realized that not all of them would have the fun filled week they had hoped for.

“By day four of the seven day cruise my stomach was in knots,” said Senior Amanda Peterson. “I wanted to enjoy the beach but I just felt lousy.”

The Norwegian Dawn, the ship with a virus.

The Norwegian Dawn, the ship with a virus.

The students knew something was not right when on the second day of the cruise they were not allowed to touch anything in the buffet line.

“Everything we wanted had to be served to us by a worker,” said junior Maria Wyka. “I wasn’t even allowed to touch my water cup.”

The cruise believed that a sick passenger brought the virus on to the boat.

“These ships are so heavily sanitized that there is no way the virus could be from the boat,” said ship entertainer Nathanial Reed. 

The ship believes a Norovirus, a family of highly contagious stomach viruses, has caused the virus. Major symptoms include vomiting and diarrhea and it can be passed through the air and by touch. 

“I heard that some people were quarantined in the medical center for three to four days of the cruise,” said Senior Anne Nicholson. “That would have absolutely ruined my vacation if that had been me.” 

While the Elon students were able to enjoy most of their vacation, three students showed symptoms while onboard and one was asked to remain in his room for 24 hours in fear that he may get worse. 


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