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Poor weather and midterms overwhelm Elon University students

It’s raining, it’s pouring, it’s making classes boring

By Patrick McCabe

February 17, 2009 

As midterms loom over Elon University students’ heads, rain continues to pour and weather continues to be bleak.

Rainfall covers Elon's campus

Rainfall covers Elon's campus


“We went from snow, to 80 degree weather and now we have had rain for five days straight,” said senior Lauren France. “I have midterms all week, yet this weather just makes me want to lay in bed all day.” 

The rain started late Wednesday night and has continued until late last night. Today was the first day that rain has held off, yet clouds remain and the forecast predicts rain to return on Thursday. 

“I don’t get it,” said sophomore Jonathan Sudbey. “It is usually good weather here, especially by March, but we have had five constant days of rain, it’s depressing.” 


Students and faculty try to take cover from the rain

Students and faculty try to take cover from the rain

Midterms are always a stressful time for Elon students and the rainy weather has not helped students remain positive. Normal stress relievers like running, walking or other outdoor activities have been postponed and students are looking for other forms of relief.


“I’m a runner, so I have been trying to hit up the gym as much as possible,” said junior Hunter Gros. “I hate not being able to be outside but I can find an alternative.”

While rain continues to pour and midterms continue to overwhelm students, many are staying motivated by the freedom that awaits them in four short days.

“I just keep reminding myself that as of Friday I will be done and as off Saturday I will be cruising the Caribbean,” said senior Allison Barton. “I just hope the weather doesn’t follow me.” 

Whether it is sailing the Caribbean, lounging around in Jamaica or doing service in Key West, Fla., many Elon students will be traveling south for Spring Break. Hopeful for warm, dry weather students are willing to face the struggle of midterms and bad weather, anticipating the week of relaxation that awaits them.


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Heavy Snowfall and Harsh Road Conditions Cause University to Cancel Classes

By Patrick McCabe

Written February 3, 2009

The first of the month brought heavy snow fall to Elon, N.C. Beginning around 8 p.m. on Sunday night, the snow continued to fall until early Monday morning. The university cancelled classes and offices were closed due to power outages throughout campus.

Young Commons covered in snow

Young Commons covered in snow



While some students spent the day catching up on sleep others took to the snow. All across Young Commons students could be found battling in the snow, creating forts and constructing snowmen.

Senior Chris Ford joined his friends in building a large snowman on campus. A team of six students worked together to construct the man. “I was glad school was cancelled because I didn’t do my homework,” Ford said. “We made this snowman, that’s all that matters today.”

Elon students build a snowman on campus

Elon students build a snowman on campus



While the snow made for a fun day for students it created treacherous driving conditions. Black ice and power outages made driving difficult for Elon students and others up and down the east coast.

“I was in Richmond Va., on Sunday afternoon and the snow got so bad that I had to pull over,” senior Lizzie Napier said. “I am from Tennessee and have never had to drive in the snow so my boyfriend actually had to meet me in Richmond [Va.] and drive my car back to Elon.”

Many students refused to drive in the conditions and stayed on campus until the roads were cleared. “I am from northern New York and I won’t even drive in this weather,” senior Bobby Hoppey said. “It just isn’t safe to be on the roads in these conditions.”

Power outages were a serious problem throughout North Carolina. As of 8:30 a.m., Duke Energy claimed that 67,524 residents were still without power. The National Weather Service continues to issue a winter weather advisory for Tuesday and many North Carolina school districts remained closed. 

Despite the poor conditions Elon operated on a normal schedule Tuesday. “I think they could have at least delayed classes,” senior Lauren France said. “I was driving this morning and there was a lot of black ice. I drive an SUV and I wasn’t comfortable on the road.”

University officials worked to quickly ensure safe walking conditions on campus. Sidewalks were plowed and salted before 8 a.m., Monday morning and a second layer of salt was added Tuesday.

As the temperature continues to drop students are hopeful for the possibility of another day off later in the week. For up to date information on university closings call 278-SNOW or click here.

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